Contact No.

Mary Lund
01768 428312

The Scrabble group meets on the first Tuesday of each month, 2pm to 4pm.

The Scrabble Group was established in early 2017, for people who enjoy playing scrabble. Prior to the first “Lockdown,” there were 13 members. The group has met twice since restarting and although numbers are down, mainly because of the ill health of some of the regulars, the remaining members are pleased to be playing and seeing one another again.

 It is a friendly group who play for fun and the challenge of improving their game. Most people who attend have played scrabble before, but someone wanting to learn to play would be welcome. We play to mutually agreed rules and on easily seen scrabble boards from the RNIB.

Each session consists of two, sometimes three games, with a break for refreshment. Taking care to be Covid conscious we have been playing games with two players to facilitate social distancing, wear masks, hand sanitization is available, ensure room ventilation, surface cleaning and, for now, we bring our own refreshments. The opportunity for good play and a chat is in no way diminished. 

Meetings are once a month, on the first Tuesday of each month, throughout the year. 

1.45 for 2pm and finishing at 4pm

We meet at the United Reformed Church Hall, Lowther Street, Penrith, CA11 8QS. 

Currently a charge of £2.00 per session is taken to cover room hire. This figure may shortly have to increase as the lower numbers attending do not quite cover the cost of the room. 

New members are welcome and should contact the convenor of the group, Mary Lund.

Taken 22nd November 2021 at the Open Day