Mainly for Men

Mainly for Men

Mainly for Men is based on monthly activities, which seek to offer members new experiences and visit places they would be unlikely to undertake or go to on their own.  While the target group is clearly men, a woman who was attracted to the activities could certainly join in.

Individual members with particular skills or experience will lead sessions.  The hope is that such sessions would help members develop interests and pursue them more regularly.

The group meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month

Schedule of Activity from April to Sept 2018

  • Tuesday 3rd April:   Footgolf at Penrith Golf Centre 10.00am.£10/head. Instruction on arrival!
  • Tuesday 1st  May:  Settle to Carlisle Railway excursion.  Detail to follow.
  • Tuesday 5th June:  Kilhope Lead Mine.   Detail to follow
  • Tuesday  3rd July:  Group Lunch.      Venue to follow
  • Tuesday 7th August:  Bowling.   Venue; Appleby –  Introduction to outdoor bowls
  • Sat 1st or 8th September:  Attend a sporting Event.  Venuto follow

Each member is encouraged to take ownership, with support, of a monthly session, proposing an activity for the rest of the group to discuss and agree.  Meetings take place monthly at the venue of the particular activity.  More expensive events will be spaced out, in recognition of the fact that not all U3A members have deep pockets.

Anyone interested should email Trevor Keith on