Handicrafts 1 & 2

Handicrafts 1 & 2

Contact No.
Sue Crothers
01768 210631

Group 1 has nine members and meets twice monthly 2nd and 4th Fridays, 10.30.

Group 2, Meets the 3rd Friday 10.30, working on our own small projects.

Group 1

 We meet in members’ homes every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. A range of handicrafts are undertaken from knitting, cross stitching to weaving and patchwork.

Most of the work is needlepoint tapestry. 

Group 2

Started in February 2011 and has 12 members. We knit, sew and make small rag rugs.  We enjoy meeting, 3rd Friday 10.30 and working on our own small projects.

Four times a year both groups meet at Abbot Lodge Ice Cream Farm for lunch and a craft session.

Both handicraft groups are full at the moment but if there is enough interest, a third group could be started.