Groups able to accept new members

Groups able to accept new members

Acting on comments from a couple of new members at the open day, group convenors were asked to say whether or not they had vacancies.  The plan is to publish a list of groups able to take more members, and revise this from time to time, perhaps three times a year.  In the event, prompt responses from over twenty convenors meant that a provisional but probably incomplete list could be set out in the December newsletter, as well as on this website.

Many groups have just one or two vacancies, so interested members are advised to act quickly.  Others, generally those meeting out of doors or in large premises, are prepared not to restrict numbers; these are indicated with an asterisk on the following list.

Groups with vacancies, as of 13th January 2020

Archaeology 1 German Short walks *
Archaeology 2 Indoor Bowls * Strenuous Walks *
Art Appreciation Italian Table Tennis (Tuesdays)
Badminton Moderate Walks * Ukulele Fun
Birdwatching* Photography Wild Flowers*
Book Circle 4 Science Discussion 1 Writing for Pleasure
Cycling* Science Discussion 2  
Gardening Scrabble  

Contact details for convenors can be found elsewhere on this website or in the latest newsletter.