This group meets in members’ houses every fortnight, so numbers are inevitably limited by the size of living rooms.

We are a mixed group: from the recently self-taught to those who studied the language many years ago and some who lived in Germany for a while. However, our group would not suit someone planning to learn German from scratch.

The aim in meetings is to read, listen to and speak German as much as possible. We usually watch or listen to a broadcast recorded from German TV and sometimes work through a text together, for example, a short story, news report, poem or the lyrics of a popular song. Material is sent by email to each member a week before meetings. An important part of our meeting is for everyone to say something in German. This may be a memory of childhood, an opinion on a current issue or a joke. More confident members often speak impromptu or from brief notes while others prepare a sentence or two in detail.

German grammar is tackled from time to time, but only in the context of points that arise in the German TV programmes. These programmes are, incidentally, produced to help foreigners from various countries living in Germany improve their command of the language. They are thus entirely in German, there being no common mother tongue.

Our present complement is nine with a common attendance of seven or eight, which is ideal in not being intimidating for less confident members.  Nevertheless, anyone keen to join should ring Ian Forrest on 01768 483526 or email