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John Rodgers
01768 895743
07816 769 918

The group meets every second Wednesday in the month with a start time of 2.30 pm

The Covid pandemic has meant the previous pattern has had to be altered and for the immediate future there will be a combined single group with sessions delivered remotely by Zoom. The basic course will continue and all members are welcome to take part. In addition, we will try and include other topics to cater for established members. Details of content for each session will be sent by e-mail to a single list, based on information recently received confirming continuation.

Sessions will continue using the previous pattern of second Wednesday in the month with a start time of 2.30 pm but it will be possible to join the group from 2pm. Details of how to join will be e-mailed to everyone in the week beforehand. It is impossible to predict how long this arrangement will continue or whether we will be able to carry out any field trips in the summer months. At some stage it would be good to get back to holding our sessions at the Friends Meeting House in Penrith, although retaining the Zoom option at the same time is being considered as a way of making involvement easier for some members, especially in the winter months.

We have always tried to encourage new people and if there are u3a members who are interested in joining the Geology group they should get in contact via 01768 895743 or leave a message on 07816 769 918. We are well situated in Cumbria with some of the best geological features and landscapes in the country. A key component of the Geology group programme is to help people appreciate and understand our local and regional natural environment in an enjoyable way.