CoronaVirus Bulletin Board

CoronaVirus Bulletin Board

Zoom Conferencing Calendar Link

Zoom Video Conferencing Calendar. This is a 3 month rolling calendar showing dates and times that are available to groups to hold remote online meetings / sessions. Members can use this to check when their group has a conference session. Conveners wishing to use Zoom, please contact :-

Mike Head.

Ian Forest.

Alan Beale.

Support available for those struggling with family pressures and those affected by Domestic Abuse Read More

Local Support Group. Members might like to know there is a local corona support group. Its web site is .

Coronavirus Update

During these difficult times Penrith and North Lakes U3A should be providing help and support to people in their homes. Some groups are already doing this. Could I ask group leaders to look at on line systems for communication. I can suggest Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, What’s App or, limited to 40 minutes as a free system, Zoom. The bridge group are trialling online games.At the same time we know many of our members have no internet access or live in areas where it is weak. We must also consider ways to involve them using their landline phones.U3A has always been about supporting our members and groups will know who their vulnerable people are and should check on them. I would welcome any feedback about ideas that have worked that we can pass on to other groups or any other observations. My email address is and landline 01768 606627. Other committee members will be happy to receive them. These will be put on our home page of the web site. The ones you are interested in can be expanded.We are a great community and we will survive this together.

Mike Head 07963 904925

Cumbria Police Bulletin

I have been made aware of a number of new scams exploiting peoples fear over the Corona virus. The scams take several forms which include (so far):

  • Individuals in some areas, posing as Medical Staff conducting Covid-19 tests in your home.  
  • Messages claiming to be from HMRC offering a tax refund due to changes in the law around Covid-19, recipients have to click a link which takes them to a fraudulent website
  • Messages claiming to be from the Centre for Disease Control or from the World Health Organisation. These messages offer the recipient the chance to view a list of confirmed cases within their local area by clicking on a link and making a Bitcoin payment.
  • Emails claiming to be from a virologist sending an attached document with instructions on how to avoid the Coronavirus. The attachment is malicious.
  • Fraudulent online sales of masks and hand sanitiser which never materialise. If an online shopping offer looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

Please don’t allow allow anyone into your homes to conduct tests.

Please do not click on links or open attachments and take time to check that the email is from a legitimate source.

Please be aware that fraudsters will go to great lengths to make their communications with you look genuine. 

As Covid-19 continues to spread, fraudsters are likely to continue using the anxiety it generates to trick people out of their personal data and hard earned money.

More than ever, as a community you need to be aware of those in your locality who are elderly, live alone and who are vulnerable.

Please look after and support each other

Joe Murray QPM

Mike Head 07963 904925


Spanish Group Hangout

We had our first google hangout for Spanish last Tuesday which worked well. The best way we found was for one person who has gmail to start the video call, then copy and group email everyone else the link that comes up when you press the + invite symbol . They then click the link to join the call. Any problems with microphones tended to solve themselves if the person logged out, then logged back on again. I used my pnlu3anewmembersec  etc address to start it.The group number is limited to 10.I know zoom works fine too, Maggie 

German virtual meetings

The German group are using Zoom to meet for 40 minutes every fortnight. At our first meeting we worked through our usual set of questions based on a Deutsche Welle TV news item and watched a video on the impact of the Coronavirus in Germany. Our next meeting will concentrate on speaking German, each person preparing to speak auf Deutsch on how the crisis is affecting them.