Literature Groups 1 & 2

Literature Groups 1 & 2

Group 1
Contact No.

Robin Acland
017687 79672
Group 2
Contact No

Helen Dunham
01931 712429

Group 1. There are 15 of us and we gather in a meeting room the first Wednesday morning each month, 10 to 12.30.

Starting on 6th October 2021, we will meet together monthly again.

Group 2 meets 1st Friday of each month 10 to 12,

Literature Group 1

The group has been going for over 20 years now. We are operating at capacity, but please be in contact if interested. Annual costs currently are around £5 a member. We study themes, periods and particular authors, principally but not solely British. Several of our members are happy to lead sessions; others prefer just to join in on discussion that follows – invariably lively and enjoyable.

After a successful enquiry into biography, begun in 2018, we embarked on a study of Venice, as featured in literature. Sadly this has been curtailed by the pandemic. I keep in touch informally with members by occasional phone calls or emails, also more recently by post with a tasty literary morsel, roughly monthly. Starting on 6th October 2021, we will meet together monthly again.

From time to time in the past we organised theatre trips to Keswick and, less frequently, Newcastle or Manchester, open to u3a membership more generally. Covid has of course stopped that too.


Literature Group 2

We meet in each others’ homes and members share responsibility for coordinating meetings. At present we are concentrating on poetry.