Welcome to Penrith and North Lakes u3a

The u3a is a growing local, national and International network of self-help educational, cultural and recreational activities, organised for and by retired and semi-retired people of all ages. 

Welcome to Penrith and North Lakes u3a

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Early Days:- u3aPenrith and North Lakes

It all began when a group of people got together during the Spring of 1996, and started to discuss the who’s/how’s/when’s and where’s involved in setting up this new venture for the Penrith area. Founder and early members included: the late Don Lord, Pat Winn, Joan and Jim Lintott, Robin Acland, John Upson, Barbara Smallwood, Joe Cuthbert and Howard & Anne Simpson and, I am sure as I go on and speak to other early members, a few more names will appear. Read Howards Story NOW (read this fascinating evolving article)

Look out for future individual stories of the people involved in the u3a Penrith and North Lakes

Monthly Meeting:-

2.15 pm Thursday, 18 April
Penrith Rugby Club
‘HIGHWAY CELLO’ – Kenneth Wilson

Kenneth is a musician, poet and cyclist who combined these skills in an amazing journey from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome riding a bike which carried his cello. He gave musical performances along the route and subsequently wrote a book describing the varied adventures he had on the way.

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Volunteers Wanted to serve Refreshments!

We are looking for volunteers to organise and serve refreshments at our Monthly Meetings, as well as at the once the year Group Convenors meeting and Open Day. If you are interested, please either email pnlu3achair@gmail.com or phone 01768 892690 to discuss further. 


Third Age Matters magazine Important information

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NWAS CPR training video.

Bit of a slow start but otherwise quite informative and up to date re COVID. (click here}


Special Interest Groups cater for a variety of educational, cultural and recreational interests. The Groups all have their own identity and operate in different ways, some meeting in members’ homes, others in hired rooms. (Groups Page)

Many groups have re-started and are working well. Members are advised to contact their group convenor (see Groups pages) to find out more.

The Monthly Meetings give people the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss which special interest groups are running or planned. (Read More)

There is an annual membership fee, currently £13, (1st April to 31st March) (£6.50 1st December to 31st March) which is fixed at the Annual General Meeting. Members also receive the national magazine which is published quarterly.  (Join Us)

If you are interested in sharing knowledge and experiences, developing your own capabilities by learning with others then the u3a is for you.